"…from dead idols to serve the living and true God…" 1 Thessalonians 1:9 Church of Christ india Missions

The Amazing Story of Church of Christ India Missions

In 1979, Ron Clayton made his first trip to the country of India. He was excited by what he saw there and was soon determined to make this his full-time work. After several trips, he moved his family to India in 1981, but difficulties made this a short term move. He continued to make trips as often as his stateside local work would allow until...



The Carl Crosser Memorial Bible Study  Institute

The Carl Crosser Memorial Bible Study Institute is one of the most powerful tools that we have to insure the long term success of the gospel in India. Literally thousands and thousands are hearing and responding to the words of Jesus. But where do the go from there?

The apostle Paul chose...



Sponsor a Child or Local Preacher

One of the most life-changing concepts that Christ brings to any nation on earth is the need for those who are blessed to become a blessing for others also.

But let's not stop there--lets not only be a blessing to others ourselves. Let's empower them...



What You Can Do

  • $1 buys 3 paperback New Testaments
  • $3 buys a Bible, $72 buys a case of 24
  • $7 to reach a lost soul with the gospel
  • $100 per month helps support a child or a native missionary or a student in a school of preaching
  • $500 conducts at least...



Reaching India with the Gospel of Christ--But not Without  Your Prayers and Help!